Apartments office at the railway station Kiev, Ukraine

          Renting an apartment for a few days in Kiev, Ukraine is different than staying in a hotel - mainly because  of the price. When renting an apartment, you only pay a fee for the apartment, not for the number of people who will stay in it.
 In a hotel, you pay for the number of people staying in a room, and in an apartment as many people can stay in the room as you would like; the price for renting an apartment for one night does not depend on the number of travelers.
 Apartment rental in Kiev is also very attractive due to the apartments favorable location. The majority of apartments are located in the citys center. Our company already has five years experience in the apartment rental business in Kiev. Apartment  rental is not only beneficial for us. its especially beneficial to our customers.
 Your time is tight and you need an apartment very quickly for today? This is generally not a problem. Transfer from airport "Borispol", "Zhuliany" Kiev taxi.



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